Lukasz Lysakowski Director of Design at Peek

Lukasz Lysakowski is a digital brand and product designer based in San Francisco, CA. He focuses on designing multi-platform tools for businesses to streamline their services and provide better experiences. Currently, Lukasz is the Design Director at, where his team produces the leading SaaS platform, powering the tours and activities marketplace.

Lukasz comes from an entertainment design and online marketing background and has worked for various companies including HBO and Warner Brothers, online communities for Pearson and SAP, and writing the Section 508 guidelines of Cornell University. He is deeply driven by engaging with designers and staying up to date on the best tools and methods for designing beautiful products.

Lucky us! Lukasz is also a content curator for Cascade SF's Facebook page and a regular mentor at Cascade SF's UXNight.

Kal Michael
KaL MichaeL Indie Digital Designer
(Former Creative Lead of Apple of 5 years)

KaL MichaeL is a Digital Designer specializing in user interface and experience design with a professional background of 14 years. Expertise in relevant iOS and Mac design solutions from conception to production. Analytical contributor who approaches each and every task with concerted dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Always remaining open and teachable in the ever changing tech industry.

KaL has been contracted by and collaborated with some of the top companies in the digital field those of which include Apple, Evernote, Glympse, and Readdle.

Connect and learn more at

Ugur Kaner
Ugur Kaner Head of Design at Memebox

Ugur is an experienced product and design leader. He has built award winning startups and products over the past 12 years. He's specialized in mobility, designing the best user experience on multiple devices.

Ugur currently leads design at Memebox (over $30M in funding), and mentor startups via respected organizations, accelerators and investors in San Francisco. He's been involved in projects including Google Express, Udemy and Angry Birds. Previously he served as the Head of Android Business at Elisa - the largest telecom operator in Finland.

Ugur is an SCAE Barista, and an avid health, wellness and adventure sports enthusiast.

Learn more about Ugur at

Sean J. Savage Freelance UX Designer

Seans a passionate experience designer and strategist focused on mobile, Internet of Things, wearables and place-based social tech.

Sean has 10+ years experience in the UX business. He earned a Masters degree from UC Berkeley's School of Information with a focus on design of location-based social tech. Sean was CEO of an ultra-local social networking startup and was one of the founders of Parisoma, a thriving SF coworking and tech events space.

Sean's writing appeared in Wired, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. He invented a phrase that's now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Sean was quoted about location-based social tech in a recent Wired cover story.

Find Sean at

Jin Jing
Jing Jin Chief Product Officer at Literator

Jing is a designer with a passion for delivering rich, interactive, user experiences. Jing brings with her extensive experience from Apple in creating delightful, practical, and minimalistic software. She is well-versed in both the web and mobile space and is named on a number of web technology patents as well as having published papers in the field of Human-Computer Interactions. Jing is a mentor, volunteer, and instructor for ChickTech, UXNight, and other organizations that empower minorities in tech. Jing is currently building Literator to bring equity in literacy to kids everywhere.

Wiebke Poerschke UX Designer at SugarCRM

Wiebke is a UX designer with 8+ years of experience. Until recently, Wiebke was the Head of UX and co-founder at Stitch, where the team set out to make salespeople's' lives better. Wiebke thrives on solving challenging problems, delighting her users, and seeing her designs come to life. Previously she's worked at companies such as Salesforce, Adobe, and SAP. She's led design projects all over the map: iOS, Android, desktop, web, you name it.

Most recently, Wiebke joined SugarCRM's UX team through an acquisition.

Daniel Fischer
Daniel Fischer Director of UI Development at Tuul

Daniel's childhood dream to own a space hotel is currently on hold while he puts his intergalactic UI and UX engineering skills to work at Tuul. We think his passion for product, design, and business value will make him right at home in this critical role. A people person and a team builder, Daniel loves technology and can scale applications, as well as teams and companies. For Tuul, Daniel brings his design experience to life in the product, so his expertise in aesthetics, back-end stacks, and people will all be put to use. Daniel is inspired to help build great products that affect the lives of many. With so much weight to carry, his passion for fitness and powerlifting will keep him strong. And when the tech talk gets too deep, he can purge his mind in a few feet of Norcal powder, snowboarding with the rest of us.
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin Senior UX Designer at Microsoft

Jamie is an experienced interactive/product designer with over 12 years of experience. His passions are in seductive, detail-oriented interaction design. Jamie likes to apply psychology along with user research and testing to create a experience that delights and converts. He is a natural leader who loves mentoring young designers and building/leading teams. He loves talking about himself in the third person.

You can find him as livejamie everywhere on the internet. (Yes, even twitter!)
Nathan Diesel
Nathan Diesel Sr. UX/UI Designer at Samsung

Nathan is a UX/UI designer for an Android music application and has a passion for user-centered design. He's been a full-time and freelance designer in multiple industries including software, healthcare, advertising, and education research and an instructor of design at the San Francisco City College. Nathan believes information wants to be free but great user experience makes it expensive. He advocates for data liberation, consumer access to data, and tools to teach people how to understand personal and self-quantified data.
Shawn Borton
Shawn Borton Head of Design at Expensify

Shawn has been the Head of Design at Expensify for the last 2.5 years, leading cross-team projects such as the complete overhaul of both the company’s web app and mobile app, and establishing the company’s brand and marketing voice. Along with strong visual design, animation, user experience, and HTML/CSS/SASS skills, Shawn has a strong business background having graduated from the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University and having previously worked as the Executive Vice President and Creative Director at The JLS Agency, a full-service digital agency located in Miami.
Leanne Kawahigashi
Leanne Kawahigashi Designer at Expensify

A Texan at heart, Leanne left her cowboy boots back in Fort Worth pursue design in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Traditionally trained in print design, she quickly transitioned to UI/UX design with the help of a handful of local mentors. Leanne has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Visa, Nestle, and Corona. Currently, she's a designer at Expensify and loving every second of it (almost as much as she loves Chipotle).

Let's connect on Twitter @leannekawa or checkout some work at

Derek Bender Derek Bender Product Designer at Lumosity

Derek Bender is a San Francisco-based designer who in his 10+ year career has worked with small startups and large businesses to both create original applications along with iterating existing solutions based on research and analytics. He’s as comfortable refining the latest mockups as he is with whiteboarding users flows and ideating with the team. Currently he is at Lumosity where he works on their mobile apps.
Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson Lead Interaction Designer at GE Global Research

Carl is a philosopher who wandered into design and never left. He's cofounded a few random ventures, consulted with startups and non-profits, tackled client services within agencies, and worked on enterprise software at Salesforce. Now he's designing software and experiences for the industrial internet (think trains, planes, and power plants) at GE.

He's also a professional dancer, having traveled across the globe teaching, and an amateur hoping to go pro coffee drinker.
Isaak Hayes
Isaak Hayes Principal Product Designer at SugarSync

Isaak started as a Graphic Designer and made the switch to Product Design after falling in love with user-centered design methodologies. His design superpower is his ability to get it done. His professional roles have allowed him to interview customers, create logos, run marketing campaigns, code web apps, design frisbees and more. Isaak is a visionary daydreamer and strategic planner who loves to build community and mentor designers. His passion for mentoring future designers spurred him to co-found the Hidden Genius Project in Oakland, CA and Salesforce Foundation’s Design Academy.
Mary Lukanuski
Mary Lukanuski Senior Design Manager at GE Software

Mary is Product Designer, Strategist, Researcher and Manager experienced in the design, development and delivery of contextual web and mobile applications. Working with a growing toolkit of Agile and Lean UX approaches, she has created products for agencies, small and enterprise businesses.

Most recently, Mary is leading UX efforts in GE's Industrial Internet of Things.

Scout Addis
Scout Addis Managing Director at Mad*Pow

Scout is always interested in figuring out how to do things better, faster, and easier and that's what makes him successful at uncovering the best solutions for large-scale design challenges. From Fortune 500 companies to angel-funded startups, his leadership, consulting, and designs have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in revenue and cost savings.

Scout's passion for complex domains and solving new problems has drawn him to healthcare, financial services, startups, and civic projects. Most recently, he was the Director of Design at Practice Fusion, the leader in cloud-based electronic health records, where he managed the company's "design first" approach to product development. Some other companies he’s worked with include Barclays Global Investors, Thomson Reuters, United Health Group, The United Way, NetApp, Zendesk, and Cooper. He served as a design advisor to the Tech and Digital teams for President Obama's 2012 campaign and Libby Schaaf's successful 2014 Oakland mayoral campaign.

If you’re looking for full or part-time work, Scout is actively building out Mad*Pow's West Coast office in Oakland.

Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf Senior User Experience Designer at BrightRoll (Yahoo!)

For the past 7 years, Adam has supported Agile software development teams like BrightRoll (current) and by designing usable and lovable features and products. He has also helped entrepreneurs and non-profits as a freelance UX designer and consultant at Adam loves giving back to the growing UX community, teaching intermediate user experience design and web design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and mentoring junior UX designers.

Follow him on Twitter @ux_adam and contact him at to grab a coffee or lunch in the SF Financial District.
Sean Barclay
Sean Barclay Director, UX at IBM Cloudant

Sean Barclay is a Designer, Art Director, Developer and Animator based out of San Francisco, California. He studied graphic design and technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he explored print, interactivity, and animation. At his core, Sean is an experimenter, constantly tinkering, learning, and growing. His focus is interactive software, typography, generative art, motion graphics, mobile and gestural technology. He blends the worlds of advanced technology and interactive design to create new engaging experiences that help users remember and embrace as they interact.

During his 13-year career, he has had the privilege to do creative work for adidas, Avaya, Dolby, Blackrock, Harvard, IBM, Intel, Philips, O’Neill, Reebok, RSA Security, and Samsung. Currently, Sean is the Director of User Experience at IBM Cloudant, where he leads a multi-disciplined team focused on UI design, UX research, motion graphics, and front-end development.

Matej Hrescak
Matej Hrescak Product Designer at Facebook

For the past two years, Matej has been a product designer at Facebook working on ways to make the world more open and connected. He came to Facebook from the acquisition of a storytelling platform Storylane in 2013, where he was the founding designer. Before joining Storylane, Matej co-founded a business support analytics startup and worked in various startups as the founding designer. He has a master’s degree from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, majoring in industrial design with specialization on transportation (car) design.
Brian Sherman
Brian J. Sherman User Experience Designer at Sony

Brian has been creating User Experience and marketing creative for agencies, startups, nonprofits, and large companies since the Y2K. Millions of people have seen his work at the SFO Museum, and as Design Manager at contributed to it’s purchase in 2014 by Rakuten Inc for $1 Billion. Most recently, Brian has been building web pages for electronics customers world-wide as Interaction Designer with Sony’s Global Web Transformation team.
Michael Yuan
Michael Yuan Product Designer at Swiftype

Michael Yuan is a user experience designer specializing in information architecture, front-end web development, and brand identity. For the past decade, he has traversed product strategy, design, and marketing at agencies and startups in New York and San Francisco. He has had an instrumental role in the design and development of many products and services, including the first mobile apps for the world’s large media conglomerate. He currently works at Swiftype as product designer.

Luke Beard
Luke Beard Creative Director and Co-founder at Exposure (

Currently learning to build his first company Luke has previously been involved with early stage startups and much more established companies for over 6 years. He helped build and design Zerply, WillCall, Buffer, Hipstamatic as well as many personal projects such as an RSS iPad reader app called Skimn, a successful print store. He’s a firm a believer in working hard, happenstance and risk taking.

Asher Blumberg
Asher Blumberg Mobile UX Designer at StumbleUpon

Asher G. Blumberg is a multi-disciplinary designer concentrating on crafting experiences across mobile and web apps. Asher is an evangelist of user centered design, with experience in the full design stack, ranging from interaction design to hi-fidelity design. He stands at the intersection of technology and human empathy, bringing the two together via brand and interaction.

Asher offers a versatile skill set balancing creative and critical thinking with a drive to create outstanding work. The collaboration between design and development inspires his pursuit of fluency on both iOS and Android, adapting functional platform design paradigms, and creating unique, intuitively simple interfaces

Asher approaches both work and life with an eye for design, order, and harmony. You can find him on the interwebs using the handle @ashergodfrey.
Todd Siegel
Todd Siegel Product Evangelist at

Todd synthesizes concepts to solve design problems while wandering. Then whips up quick assets and screens with interactive animation for prototyping with a high fidelity *feel*. He's been engaged in user centered design for 12 plus years. Now, he's represented by 10x Management, and serves as product evangelist for

Zoomed out: Todd is a ferocious Ideator and collector of aha moments. A 2x startup founder with product instincts, he keeps trying to solve this problem: Driving more revenue to music artists given that streaming services leak but a trickle of pennies back to the artist. Inevitably a wordsmith, Todd weaves together idea satire poetry and performs with

Alexis Fin Alexis Finch Brand Strategy, Research, IxD at AgentFin Consulting

Alexis is a self proclaimed “Defenestration Expert,” dedicated to the task of recognizing and eliminating feature creep and zombie users. As the Principle of AgentFin Consulting, she brings the idea of the “path-to-purchase” beyond the screen and past the product, helping clients better understand their users & designing experiences that are not just delightful but useful as well. She has worked as a consultant to startups, artisans and Fortune 100 companies, but specializes in maximizing the impact of small business and accelerating new brands toward success.

Since 2010 Alexis has documented the finest minds in the tech world as the pencil behind GraphiteMind, turning complex problems into visually engaging sketchnotes, making obfuscated ideas relatable and actionable. A champion of women in male dominated industries, she founded #XXHack [now part of CWDevs] as a safe space for Chicago’s women coders to connect, learn and support each other. She also created and ran TyK [Thought You Knew] giving female cyclists an opportunity to explore their identity, shifting the assumptions of what a “woman bicyclist” looks like. Alexis also sits on the advisory board at Seed&Spark – a platform for filmmakers to close the loop between funding and distribution – and works with m0xy Industrial Arts Incubator, supporting their resident artists and collaborators.

Portfolio Sketchnotes